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It’s Going to Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day, Pittsburgh Rainy wedding photos, rainy day wedding photos in Pittsburgh




You are watching the forecast like a hawk … you have the weather patterns and temperature changes down to a science.  You haven’t only been watching the weekly forecast, I bet you even glanced at the Farmer’s Almanac when you set your wedding date.  It’s okay, you don’t have to deny it or feel embarrassed, because you certainly aren’t the only one to do this.  You want beautiful clear skies on your wedding day with an epic sunset.  We all do, trust me.  Does it happen, of course!  Do those skies cloud up, get dark, and start to pour … of course.  So now what?


So it’s raining on your wedding day.  Yes, that totally is a bummer, but guess what, there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!  Well, there’s no tunnel and no light, but you do have me and you can relax.  I always tell my brides, don’t panic unless I panic …. and quite frankly, I never panic.  I don’t fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to your wedding day.  I mean, it’s YOUR wedding day and you’ve trusted ME with it, so if it’s raining, it’s still going to be freaking fantastic.

Convention center rain pictures for wedding day in Pittsburgh.


We are going to talk a good bit before the wedding.  We will plan out the day, work out the timeline, and work out all of the logistics from the little details all the way to the locations and weather forecast during your portraits.  I’m a big believer in adding buffers into a timeline.  These are useful for multiple reasons, and one of those is weather.  If we are lucky and there are breaks in the day where it isn’t raining, then we take advantage of that time.  We can fill some portrait time with inside shots inside of the venue, swap family photos during your portrait time, and can be flexible since it is worked into the timeline.  If we are dodging rain and have a few minutes outside without it, I can create some gorgeous images in a short amount of time.  Trust me, I’ve done it!

If it’s a complete wash out and we can’t roam freely outside, we will take advantage of the areas in and around your venue.  You choose your location for a reason, and most likely because you love it and it’s beautiful.  So why not utilize the space for your portraits?  A nice outside, covered porch is perfect.  Doorways, entry ways, stair cases, and other architecture can make for a lovely back drop for portraits.

If all else fails, grab your umbrellas and roll with it!  I come equipped with clear plastic umbrellas which are super cute for rainy day wedding photos.  Large golf umbrellas make for some fantastic shots as well.  We will talk about this all beforehand so if there is something in mind that you want, we will have it covered.

Rainy day wedding pictures in Pittsburgh.


I always tell my couples to not stress about the things they cannot control.  You can’t control the weather so let me worry about it and you go on with enjoying your day.

Rain on your wedding day, Pittsburgh Rainy wedding photos, rainy day wedding photos in PittsburghConvention center pictures for rainy day wedding.Rain on your wedding day, Pittsburgh Rainy wedding photos, rainy day wedding photos in PittsburghClear umbrellas with wedding party for rain pictures in Pittsburgh.Rain on your wedding day, Pittsburgh Rainy wedding photos, rainy day wedding photos in Pittsburgh

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