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We aren’t a good fit.  Shut the front door …. are you thinking, did she REALLY just say that?!  I mean, what photographer would actually say that out loud, on a blog, ON SOCIAL MEDIA?!  Well guess what, if we aren’t a good fit, that is a good thing!!  That means you will find your perfect photographer for your amazing wedding and you will absolutely love your photos.

To put this whole silliness into perspective, I am only one woman.  There is no way I can photograph the hundreds and hundreds of weddings here in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  I most certainly am not the only Pittsburgh wedding photographer either, but I AM the photographer for my 25 + amazing couples each year.  And I love EVERY . SINGLE . MINUTE of it.

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I love meeting with my couples ahead of time.  We’ll meet for coffee and chat about your day and look through some wedding albums.  I want to learn about how you met, when you got engaged, and want to learn about your vision for your wedding day.  During this meeting we will determine whether or not we are a good fit.  I’ve met with couples, or oftentimes brides and their Mom’s and sisters, and we can sit there for an hour and talk like we’ve been the best of friends for years.  It is from that relationship that our new working relationship takes off.  Having a great connection and a vision that is in line with each other is essential – or dare I say critical – to your wedding day.

I want you to be comfortable with me.  I want you to feel like we are the best of friends and I’m just there with a nice camera to document the day.  I want my grooms to feel comfortable with some lady with a camera in his hotel room taking pictures of him putting on his jacket and fixing his tie.  I mean, let’s be honest, that can be kind of uncomfortable, but when we are a good fit and have a great working relationship, it’s easy as pie.


I’ll oftentimes leave my initial meetings with my couples and want to scream, WOOOOHOOOO!!  YES!  We’ve talked about your amazing wedding day for an hour and I’m immediately thinking about locations to photograph in, your details, your romantic portraits, etc. etc. etc.  I love what I do … LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  And when we meet and really click, I just cannot contain my excitement.  I honestly and truly believe that when we are a good fit, it all becomes really easy.  My goal is to document  your day accurately – as it all happens – and to deliver a wedding gallery that you absolutely love.  I want you to feel the same emotions weeks later while looking at your images together.  I want you to trust me with your wedding day.  Looking at the big picture, you are trusting that I will document your wedding day, capture the smiles, the tears, and everything in between.  That is HUGE!!  Which is why we NEED to be a good fit.

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And here I am, back to ‘we aren’t a good fit.’  I think this is something that many photographers struggle with.  Yes, we all want everyone to love us, I mean, we are human.  Nobody likes rejection!  But this is your wedding day and the ONLY thing you have from it to take away are your photographs.  That is the one tangible piece of the day and so it is critical that you not only love the portfolio, but you need to connect with the person behind the camera.  So if I am not a good fit for you, then that is great!  You need to love the photographs and you need to love the process and without a connection, that can run very stale.  I am only speaking for myself here.  Maybe there are photographers out there that can grab the camera bag and head out for the day and just snap away – and obviously that is okay.  For myself, however, documenting a wedding day makes my heart soar.  Each one of my couples are so special to me.  I mean, this is the biggest day of your new journey together and you selected ME out of hundreds of other Pittsburgh wedding photographers to be there for it.  It’s a big deal to me.  Love is a big deal to me and documenting it is, well, it’s just the icing on the cake.

. Are you planning your Pittsburgh wedding?!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact me below or email me directly at .

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