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So here you are, planning your wedding.  It is overwhelming, I know.  Most of you haven’t planned a wedding before so putting together all of these pieces to this big puzzle can be a difficult task.  I am hoping, however, that these series of wedding blog posts can help you along the way and give you some clarity as you hire your wedding vendors – especially your Pittsburgh wedding photographer.

Hopefully we have a meeting set up to chat over coffee.  During that meeting, we will most likely talk about pricing and cost of my wedding photography.   The first piece of advice I can give you is to NOT hire a photographer based on price.  I am not talking about the whole, “you get what you pay for” deal.  That is not what this is about.  This is about finding a photographer that you really connect with.  Have I talked about this before?  Why yes, yes I have.  Remember me talking about how we might not be a good fit?

Bride and groom at the Succop.Excited Pittsburgh bride.


I get it, you have a budget.  I was once a bride on a budget and it’s crazy stressful to stay within that budget.  But when selecting your vendors and other details for the day, price can sometimes be that deciding factor.  This is when I say, do NOT hire your photographer based on price.  That should never be the deciding factor in your decision.  If you narrow it down to your top two wedding photographers, PLEASE, take the cost of the coverage out of the equation.  Maybe you have met with me and one other photographer.  Hopefully we really hit it off and you can see yourself in my photographs, you can see me there by your side on your wedding day.  Perfect.  Let’s start working together!  On the other hand, maybe we didn’t have the same vision, you like my photographs, but we just didn’t quite fit and you really hit if off with the other photographer.  I am lower in cost than the other photographer and so you select me.  Don’t do that.

My wedding pricing and coverage for the day will often look lower than other photographer’s pricing.  This is for a number of reasons.  Number one, I am a solo wedding photographer.  You are only paying for me and not for a plus one.  Two, I do not offer a ‘complimentary engagement session.’  Notice I put that in quotes.  It’s not complimentary when you see that in wedding packages.  It is built into the price of THAT particular package.  I offer a discounted engagement session should you wish to have one.  Thirdly, albums and other products are also not included.  You can purchase those separately later on down the road.  In a nutshell, my wedding pricing is for the coverage only.  I like for you to have the option.  You NEED the coverage for the wedding day, but don’t always NEED the others.  They are there, discounted, should you wish to add them on.

Bride and groom at Shady Elms Farm.


So now that you know why MY pricing is where it is, my wish for you is that it is not only within your budget, but that you connect with me and my vision for the wedding day.  Pricing and numbers can often cloud your decision making process for your wedding.  So take it out.  You can’t put a price tag on your memories.  Photographs evoke emotion, and when you might often hear the saying ‘don’t make an emotional decision’, this would be that ONE time to ignore that saying.  If you are looking at my photographs and seeing my smiling brides, I want you to close your eyes and if you can see yourself – as that excited bride – through my lens and my vision, then your decision is made.  It is about emotion and connection.  Hiring a photographer based on price will only get you photographs.  Who only wants photographs?  That just sounds boring!  You want emotion, excitement, and feelings when you see your gallery.  Trust me when I say this, that excitement comes from the mutual vision and the relationship you have with your photographer.

. Are you looking for a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer and think we would be a good fit?!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact me below or email me directly at .

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