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Wedding: Maggie + Mike | Greystone Fields Wedding


Bride and groom at greystone fields.


I met with Maggie last year when she and Mike started planning their wedding at Greystone Fields.  I was so excited when she told me that was where they were getting married because I love that venue!  It had been about a year since I was there so I was really looking forward to going back.  The staff there is fantastic to work with and you really can’t complain about the surrounding areas on the property for photos.  All around, it’s a great location for a wedding.

I started the day off with Maggie and the girls at Maggie’s parents house.  It was really hot that day and when we went outside for some group photos, we decided to use the pool for some fun shots!  Keep in mind that the girls already had their hair and makeup done but had no problem having fun around the pool.  I knew we were going to have a blast.

Greystone Fields detail from wedding.groom details at Greystone Fields.Bridal prep for Greystone Fields.Bride with dog before Pittsburgh wedding ceremony.Bride and bridesmaids before Pittsburgh wedding ceremony.Groom getting ready at Greystone Fields.


Maggie and Mike had their ceremony outside on the grounds at Greystone Fields.  They literally could not stop smiling the entire time.  Immediately following the ceremony, we started with their family formals.  Not only did they have a fun bridal party, but their families were hysterical!  Based on the location and family groupings, I like to take one formal photo and one candid.  For the candid photo, I simply have everyone look at either Mom or Dad, or someone else in the group and I capture their reactions.  These guys, though, had me laughing so hard I had tears.

Wedding ceremony at Greystone Fields.Greystone Fields wedding ceremony.Wedding at Greystone Fields.Family formals at Greystone Fields wedding.Family photos after ceremony at Greystone Fields.


I typically have a handful of group poses for the groups before we move on to the portraits of the bride and groom for the wedding day.  Maggie and Mike’s group had a series of photo requests and had me laughing all over again.  Between their families and their bridal party, I think I laughed straight through for almost an hour.

Maggie and Mike’s portraits turned out so amazing.  We made our way around the grounds there at Greystone Fields and took advantage of the summer greens.  We of course snuck out for some sunset photos outside of the reception area.  I never like to let a good sunset go to waste!

bridal party at Greystone Fields.Bridal party group photos at Greystone Fields.Bride with bridesmaids at Greystone Fields.Groomsmen at Greystone Fields.Groomsmen photos at Greystone Fields.Bridal party at Greystone Fields.Bride and groom at Greystone Fields.Greystone Fields wedding portraits.Greystone Fields wedding picture.Candid photos of bride and groom.Greystone Fields wedding.Portraits on staircase at Greystone Fields.Sunset photos at greystone fields.Sunset photo at Greystone Fields.


Instead of floral centerpieces, Maggie and Mike opted for something a little different.  I would say it is the next best thing from flowers, but quite honestly, individual cakes from Oakmont Bakery would be THE BEST thing in terms of centerpieces.  I always love floral centerpieces, but I’d take a cake on my table over flowers anyday.

Cory from Power Bomb Productions had the party going ALL NIGHT LONG.  Seriously, this guy was incredible.  There was limited room on the dance floor and it was so much fun to capture the party.

wedding reception at Greystone Fields.First dance at Greystone Fields wedding.Wedding reception pictures from Greystone Fields wedding.


So any time my couples want to do some type of exit, whether it is during the ceremony or reception, my biggest and most important piece of advice I give them is – HAM IT UP.   If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve said this multiple times with different bubble exits and other fun props.  Maggie and Mike wanted a sparkler exit so again, naturally, I told them to ham it up.  There is a reason why sparkler photos on Pinterest is so popular.  It’s not because of the sparklers, it’s becasue the couples look awesome.  Well, Maggie and Mike, in their true fun fashion, totally and completely hammed it up.  That is of course putting it lightly.  Best sparkler exit . EVER.

Maggie and Mike – thank you so much again for allowing me to be a part of your day.  I loved spending the time with you both.


Sparkler exit pictures Pittsburgh wedding.Sparkler exit pictures at Greystone Fields.Sparkler exit Greystone Fields.Sparkler exit kiss at Greystone Fields wedding.. Are you recently engaged and planning your Pittsburgh wedding?  I’d LOVE to talk to you!  Please feel free to contact me below or email me directly at

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