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If you follow my blog here, or even on social media, I often talk *a lot* about connection.  I talk about connection between my couples and having a connection with your photographer.  What I have come to realize that while I’m sharing the beautiful love stories, weddings, and engagements of all of my amazing couples, I don’t often (OK, pretty much never) talk about myself.  Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to turn into the Mandy Brisco blog or anything like that, but I have realized that in order for you to know if you can connect with me, you kinda have to know something about me, who I am, and what makes me love what I do.


Sooooo I’ll spare all of the mushy stuff here (maybe saving that for a later post), but I’m majorly in love with my husband.  He still has the ability to make me feel like a giddy high school girl in love, which is ironic considering we started dating in high school.  I’ve loved him ever since.  He pokes fun of me constantly, makes me laugh, and is quite honestly my biggest supporter in life.  If it weren’t for him, Amanda Brisco Photography would not exist.  He’s the greatest thing ever and he’s the major reason why I love what I do so much.

Pittsburgh wedding photographer in love with lovePittsburgh wedding photography.Pittsburgh wedding photographer in love.


When I thought about having kids, I always thought about raising girls.  I am a girly-girl at heart.  I’m a hopeless romantic, was always into hair, makeup … you get it.  But here I am, with two boys.  Life gets crazy with three men in my house, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As ‘girly’ as I am, I can say with all honesty that I would have NO clue what to do with a girl.  I was totally meant to have boys and I love every minute of it.  I mean, my Brisco man is pretty freaking fantastic, so raising two more is kinda awesome.


I thrive on consistency and with that, I am a major creature of habit.  When I like something, or like doing something, if it works with my lifestyle then I’m all in.  For example, I have literally been using the same chap stick and the same perfume since my late teens/ early 20s (wow … that’s a long time).  I can’t get enough of Blistex Silk and Shine and you won’t smell any other fragrance on me than Victoria’s Secret Heavenly.  There is a stick of chap stick in every pocket of my camera bag.  Not kidding.  While that is probably really silly to even bring up, it’s the truth.  I love consistency and routine.  I have mastered covering weddings completely alone … and you know why?  I’m a creature of habit.  I follow my own routine from my equipment to the timeline and adjust when needed.


I am not a world traveler.  I think it is great for those who travel and see the world, but traveling is simply not me.  I’m a major homebody.  I loooooove being at home, in my own surroundings and sleeping in my own bed.  I know, that’s probably sounding super lame and don’t get me wrong, I love a nice beach vacation, but at the end of the day I love being home.  Like I said, I am a huge creature of habit and routine and thrive on that which is likely why you won’t find a packed suitcase in my hand ready to go on a big adventure somewhere.  Pittsburgh is home to me and I LOVE photographing Pittsburgh weddings.  No destination photographer here.  If you are getting married in Pittsburgh, well, I’m your gal.

Pittsburgh wedding photographer family.Pittsburgh wedding photographer vacation images.


My undergrad is in Philosophy and Religious Studies (my husband still makes fun of me for this) and I have a Masters Degree in Education.  Photography was NEVER on my radar.  Owning my own business, wait … what?!  Long story short, after our first son was born, my husband bought me my first camera.  After we had our second, I had been practicing enough with our boys that I started photographing our friends families, babies, kids and so on.  A lovely friend of mine allowed me to tag along with her during one of her weddings.  I fell in love.  Totally fell in love with wedding photography, and close to 100 weddings later, the rest is history.  I am a hopeless romantic and so it was like a dream come true … and still is.

So there it is, five random facts about me.  At some point in the future I’ll share more, but I needed to start somewhere.

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Photos of my husband and I are courtesy of Pics by Chicks Photography

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