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So it’s officially engagement season …. well, that’s what ‘they’ say.  To me, it seems like it’s always engagement season.  Each couple will plan their wedding at different times of their engagement and so I am meeting with all of you wonderful couples year round.  My job is pretty rad.

The reason for this odd post is to answer some of the questions that I am often asked when I meet with you.  A round of the questions revolve around equipment and so I wanted to invite you into my trusty old camera bag and rolling suitcase to let you know what is tagging along with me on on the day of your wedding.


Nothing to do with what is in my bag, but I’m always asked if I have a second photographer.  If you follow my blog or anything on Facebook and social media, you’ll know that this answer to this question is a big old NO.  I’m flying solo on the day of your wedding but I have enough cameras with me for another photographer.

I bring along three Nikon d750s.  These cameras are amazing and they provide for security with your images.  They each hold a backup slot and each image is duplicated.  Yes, all 2,000 or so images that I snap throughout the day is safely saved as a double.  You can never be too careful with those beautiful images of yours, ya know?

I work throughout the day with two cameras and keep the third stored away in the event that one of my other ones decide to stop working.  Has this happened before?  Ummmm, yes, yes it has.  Did anyone know?  NOPE!  Three cameras people!!  It was a seamless transition and no images were harmed during the process.


You heard that right.  I bring a lot of memory cards.  I keep the backup running and will change out the initial slots throughout different stages of the day.  All of the cards are stored on my person in a trusty Spider Holster belt and card pouch.  This stays attached to me until I arrive back home at the end of the day.  Safe keeping.

Batteries are changed out throughout the day and I keep a stock pile of them.   No dead cameras happening on your wedding day, that’s for sure.


I come fully equipped with flashes and stands.  I keep one on camera and have one additional set up during the reception.  If we have time in the timeline to have some fun time shots in either the rain or snow, we might be able to take a light outside and make some nighttime magic.


You can’t take a photo without a lens and I bring plenty.  I have certain lenses I use for certain parts of the day.  I have a system down with my lenses, cameras, and the timeline.  I’m efficient with a capital E!  In addition to the lenses I have on hand, I also have lenses in my back up bag as well.


Yep, you read that right.  Blistex – Blistex Silk and Shine to be specific.  I cannot live without this stuff and you will find it in pretty much every single pocket of my bag.  I don’t have time to dig for it when I need it so whatever pocket is readily available, so will the Blistex.


This post may seem a bit silly, I mean, I included that I stuff my camera bag full of chapstick, but all kidding aside, this post is kinda important.  I want you, my bride and my couple, to know that I not only show up with a passion for your wedding day, but I also come prepared.

bridal party photos on the steps of Heinz Chapelbride and groom at the Mayernik Center Avonworth Park. Are you recently engaged and planning your Pittsburgh wedding?!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact me below or email me directly at  Let’s grab some coffee and chat about the visions of your wedding day!!!


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