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Love Series: Jenny+Weston | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Welcome to the on-going series, Love Series, here on the blog!  I’m so glad you are here!  I love this new addition to the blog, because, let’s be honest here, I’m in love with love.  I love meeting couples and learning all about their love story.  I have the awesome job of documenting love and so I thought to myself, why not open this up to let everyone share their story!  After reading this Love Series, if you wish to share your story with the world (okay, I’m sure the entire world isn’t reading this blog – but a girl can dream, right?!), send me an email at and tell me how you met, when/how you fell in love, and how you connect!  Oh, and don’t forget a couple of your favorite photos of the two of you as well!

A little backstory on how I connected with Jenny.  We met this past summer at a women’s business retreat.  I NEVER do things like that and it was sooooo out of my comfort zone to go away for 2 days but I’m SO grateful that I did!  Jenny and I hit it off right away … I’m a wedding photographer and she’s a jewelry designer who creates and designs custom GORG-eous engagement rings and wedding bands.  Seriously, it doesn’t really get any better than that.  It was like a match made in wedding-industry heaven.   You can view her incredible work on her website, JENNY BUTTERFIELD.  Weston is also an entrepreneur!  You can visit him at PLUG AND PLAY PUBLISHING.

And for now, let’s read all about Jenny + Weston on the Love Series, in Jenny’s words …

Love Series blog post for pittsburgh wedding photographer



It’s a great story… we met via business referral. As you know, I belong to a chapter of BNI. And there was another member in the group who had designated herself my “official unofficial” matchmaker. And one day, I sat down to coffee with her, and I happened to mention that I thought Weston (my now-boyfriend) was cute. Her eyes lit up, and she said, “Jenny! I know him! If he’s single right now, I’m going to set you guys up on a date.” And she was true to her word. A couple days later, I was connected to Weston and we were planning our first date, which consequently was to a trampoline park. He got bonus points from me for creativity. And I got bonus point from him for being fun enough to agree to something like that 🙂



Well, for me… I kind of already had a crush on Weston before we started dating. And the more I got to know him and see what I great person he was, the more I fell for him. So, for me, “falling in love” wasn’t so much falling in love as much as allowing myself to feel what I already felt and allowing my feelings to deepen and grow.

Weston told me that for him, he started to fall for me on our first date because I was such a klutz but could laugh about it. At one point in the date, I literally fell on my ass, and instead of getting upset, I had a great belly laugh at myself. He said he knew then that I was “special,” and he couldn’t wait to see where our new relationship went. A couple months later, he was lying in bed, listening to Ed Sheeren’s “Thinking Out Loud” as he fell asleep, and he said he just knew in that moment that he loved me.


Love Series blog post for pittsburgh wedding photographer



In a lot of ways… we both love reading and the outdoors. We both enjoy playing board/card games. We’re both huge cuddlers and give each other a lot of physical affection. And on a deeper level, we have similar philosophies about the world because we are both entrepreneurs, and we see learning, growing together, and communication as essential parts of our relationship. We also agree all the time that we make each other better.


Love Series blog post for pittsburgh wedding photographer

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