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Can I send you a Pinterest Board? | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer


Wedding pictures at the Convention center Pittsburgh.


We have so many options to help us along in the wedding planning process.  Different websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, and many other wedding websites will give you advice from selecting your wedding day colors to choosing your vendors.  What has gotten to be one of the favorites is, you know it, Pinterest!  One of the biggest questions that I often get from my brides is:  Can I send you my Pinterest board?

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel wedding reception pictures.

My answer is always, YES!  Of course, you are welcome to send me a Pinterest board, email me your favorite pinned images, or I’ve had some brides print the images out and give them to me at meetings.  Pinterest is a good source of information, inspiration, and lovely images.  My number one rule of thumb while Pinterest surfing is to stick with a theme.  Pinning anything and everything that you like will get too confusing and will likely no longer match.  You don’t want your wedding decor to look like Pinterest threw up all over the place.  I know you know what I’m saying here.


From a photography standpoint, also keep in mind that there are so many images on Pinterest that are from styled sessions so they simply are NOT real.  I mean, obviously they are real in the sense that a photographer took the images, but you aren’t looking at a moment captured, but a staged image.  A photo of a couple’s first kiss with the guests in the background in a church … think about that one.  Find me a church that will allow a photographer to stand behind the priest on the altar.  You likely will not find one.


Pinning 200 gorgeous images and wanting all of the poses on your wedding day is not realistic.  You won’t have the time and you want your images to be real and heartfelt.  I have a natural approach to posing my couples.  I WILL pose you a certain way, but I will then have you interact with one another.  You want to look like YOU on your wedding day.

What I do like to do with your Pinterest board is review it to see what types of poses you really like … more candid, more posed, more romantic, etc.  It will give me an idea of where I can take your posing and make it fit your style as a couple.  If you have a pose or two that you absolutely LOVE, then we will want to definitely do that pose, or if there is a specific type of photo that you want, most definitely we will set the time aside for that.  Generation photos are very popular and important so we will absolutely make sure that happens.  Photos that showcase something that you love as a couple, something from how you met, etc., we will make that happen.

My overall goal, and I’ve said it before, is to not only deliver a gallery that you love, but also deliver a gallery that is an accurate documentation of your wedding day.  You should want your wedding day gallery and album to look like you, not like someone else’s you found on Pinterest.

Dream up and envision your own wedding and make THAT happen.

Bridal bouquet from Rustic Acres Farm wedding

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