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Cranberry Woods wedding portraits.


Bride’s will often hear ‘your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye’, or something similar of the sorts.  Quite honestly, it’s true.  It goes the same way for photographers.  There are so many events throughout the day that keep you super busy and you’ll have some weddings that go by smoothly and others where the time totally gets away from you.  Dare I say it, things start to run late.  I have some tips on your wedding day timeline previously on the blog if you’d care to check it out – here – but when chaos hits and you now are running out of time for that major part of the photography for the day, I have some advice to get the most bang for your buck.  I’m talking portraits here in case you haven’t figured that out yet.


Have your top go to poses ready to go.  I have a series of about 10 different poses that I can always use.  Practice these poses as often as you can and get REALLY good at them.  Efficiency is key with a wedding day and when you are pressed for time, you don’t have time to think.

Bridal portraits for The Atrium Wedding.


Don’t jump into creative mode when you only have 20 minutes for portraits.  Candid, romantic photos are obviously what you crave as a photographer – hand in the air here – but you have to, let me say this again, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO make sure the bride and groom are looking at the camera and smiling before you do anything else.  Delivering a wedding gallery without any traditional portraits is quite honestly the worst thing you can do as a wedding photographer.

The Rivers Casino Pittsburgh wedding.


When you are pressed for time and need to get those portraits in, staying close to the reception venue is helpful from a timing standpoint.  The less travel you need to do, the more portrait time you have.  As soon as you arrive to the location of choice, take the time to ensure you have the best lighting.  Do not compromise lighting for location.  Yes, we all want that amazing backdrop, but a well lit, beautiful portrait goes a heck of a long way.  Even if you have all the time in the world for portraits, I still would give the same advice – light over location.


I know, I’m talking all about running out of time on the wedding day and now all of a sudden I’m telling you to slow down.  If you have those 10 or so go-to poses in your back pocket and some nice light, pose your couple and take your time.  I have a tendency to move around like a crazy chicken and often have to remind myself to stop and slow down.  Movement can lead to messy images so get your ducks in a row and slow down before pressing that shutter.

The National Aviary wedding pictures.

I hope you found this helpful!!  The most important part of capturing a wedding day is documenting it as it happens.  I also like to make sure my couples are ALWAYS having fun with me as well.

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