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Businesses: How to Get the Most out of Your Brand Photos

Pittsburgh Brand Photographer

Pittsburgh Brand Photographer

Pittsburgh Branding Session

Have you ever had a branding session or even just had your headshots taken? What have you done with the photos? Are they just sitting on your computer in a little folder? Did you just take your favorite image and change your profile pic and then forget about the rest?

If you invested the time and the money into them, then make the most of them! Here are four ways to get the most out of your brand photos:

Use Your Brand Photos on Your Website

Does your website need a facelift? Do you have one old photo on there with a different hair cut or even color (been there, done that!). Use your newly branded photos and place them throughout your website. Throw one on your home page, about page, your contact page, and even your blog!

Use Your Brand Photos on Your Social Media

You probably already changed that profile picture, but what about using the images throughout your feed? Have a good message to share? What about an awesome quote? Use your images to connect to your audience throughout your feed!

Use Your Brand Photos on Brochures and Business Cards

Think beyond the screen! Print out brochures or flyers with your pricing or current offerings and use your photo to connect you to the customer. I have many clients use their photos on their business cards and this is a great way for people to remember YOU.

Use Your Brand Photos on Your Newsletter

Sending a weekly newsletter to your email list? Use your photo! Sure, stock photos are pretty and nice to use, but what if you used YOUR images to really connect with your audience? If you share something personal, share advice, or if you share anything that can really get your readers engaged, use one of your branded images to take it to the next level.

It’s time to get those images out of that little folder and get them out into the world! Are you currently housing some outdated images and are in need of a rebrand? Let’s Chat! Please feel free to reach out below or email me directly at

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