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Businesses: 3 Wardrobe Tips for Your Brand Session

Pittsburgh Brand Photographer

Branding session inspiration for branding session in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Brand Session

The FIRST question I get from clients is: WHAT DO I WEAR TO MY SESSION? I’m a huge fan of variety, fun, and comfort. You want variety with your images (so you can share content that doesn’t look like it’s from only ONE session), you want to have fun (of course!), and you want to look AND feel great. Today, I have 3 wardrobe tips for your brand session to get you variety and great style.

Bring a Jacket to Your Session

I LOVE a great jacket. Judging by my own photos, you can tell that my signature style is jeans and a jacket. Bringing a jacket for your brand session is my favorite because of how much variety it can give you. Throw it on for some shots and you have one look. Take if off for some additional shots, and you have yourself a second look. If you bring two tops or blouses to your session, you can double – that’s right DOUBLE – your wardrobe variety to four looks.

Leading Lines in the Neckline

I get this one all of the time: I want to look leaner and thinner. First of all, I’ll say this: you are beautiful, just as you are. However, if you still want a little hack, wear a low cut top. Even the modest of low cuts in a top will create a leading line, giving you an elongated neckline.

Use Props for Your Brand Session

I love props. They make for some fun content ideas but also, props such as hats or other accessories will give your hands something to do! Who has asked their photographer or even thought to yourself …. ‘what do I do with my hands?’ BRING A HAT!! If hats aren’t your thing, you can hold on to your favorite book, journal, travel coffee mug, or even a great purse or clutch!!

Jackets, hats, leading lines, ALL THE THINGS, but do you want my absolute FIRST thing I tell my clients?


While it’s important to stay on brand and to showcase your personality (obviously), it’s most important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. THAT will make all the difference in the world. Trust me.

Would YOU love to work with me to get all of the images you need to showcase your brand and personality?! I’d LOVE to work with you as well!! Connect with me below or email me directly at to start planning!!

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